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What’s the deal with the Two-Tier Snowmobile Registration?


Why was the Two Tier Registration Created?

Snowmobile trails are maintained by Snowmobile clubs that have a total of about 25,000 members across the state. Two years ago there was about 180,000 snowmobiles registered in New York State. Out of the 25,000 club members, only a small percentage of them actually VOLUNTEER to work on creating and maintaining the trail system for the 180,00 snowmobiles. The clubs need help to maintain the over 11,000 miles of trail in New York State. So the Two-Tier was started to encourage people to join clubs and to help educate them as to what it   takes to maintain a trail system. The clubs need your help, whether it is your membership money or your help out there on the trails, trimming brush, doing paper work, talking to land owners, running a groomer, putting signs up on the trails, or any of the many other jobs that need to be done so we can enjoy the sport when the weather permits. It’s a year round job and the clubs need your help. The next time you are out riding down a trail, look around and just think about how that trail got there, it’s smooth, no limbs or brush hanging into the trail, signs pointing you in the right direction…. It all takes work by the volunteer club members.


My Registration is $100, but if I join a club it’s $45…. How does that work?

If you join a NYSSA (New York State Snowmobile Association) Club you will receive a voucher that proves you joined a NYSSA Club. You can show this voucher at the DMV office or mail in a copy of it when you register your snowmobile, this allows you to register at the discounted fee of $45.

Do I have to renew my registration before it expires on Aug 31st ?

No. You just need to register sometime before you ride the first time this season.

What if I have more than one sled?

The one voucher is good for all sleds registered under the names and address listed on the voucher. Basically one voucher cover the household. There is room on the voucher for a spouse’s name and children’s names that are registering sleds.

Can I make copies of the voucher?

Yes. You can make photo copies of your vocher if needed.

I lost my voucher what do I do?

If you need a reprint of the voucher because it is lost or misplaced, contact your club membership person, they can reprint one.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.


Remember: With out the land owners giving us permission to use their land we do not have a trail system. Please respect the land owners by staying on the marked trail and obey all trail signs.

Think Snow!!!


Sue Marsh
Membership Chairman
Phone 607-657-2678

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