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tucker ford

Attention all Snowmobile Riders
Proposed trails are only listed for future reference and are NOT to be ridden on unless they are signed and groomed.
That is the only indication that a trail has been completed and approved. 
No permission has been granted to ride on a proposed trail.
Help us keep our trails safe and our landowners happy.   Stay on signed and groomed trails only.

If you see any areas on our trails that could be a danger, please contact the TRAIL CAPTAIN in that area.
The contact information listed on this page is to be used as a way to contact trail captains for trail danger,
or to contact them as a person who would like to help in that area. 
Please use respect when contacting these people and do not misuse the information listed.
NO late phone calls PLEASE, unless it is an emergency.

Trail maps available with membership (1 free map with membership)
Cost of maps is $5.00 each

Castle Creek to Whitney Point Trail: Approximately 15 miles of Trail

Anyone unloading their snowmobiles in Castle  Creek should either park ACROSS the road from
SSR power sports (on East Hill Road) or ACROSS the road from the Mobil gas station (on Route 11.)
If anyone parks at the Mobil gas station and leaves their vehicle there to ride snowmobiles,
their vehicle will be towed away.

Trail Location: Castle Creek to Whitney Point
Official State Trail begins behind the Mobil station in Castle Creek on Route 11
Crosses Hyde Street

Crosses Deitrick Road

Crosses Davis Road

Crosses Walters Road
Goes under I-81 at Pease Hill and follows 81 North
Crosses 26 at Donnelly homes

Follow Park St into town, cross railroad tracks to Whitney Point Dyke

Castle Creek Trail Captains:
 Rob Canfield
Groomer used in this area: Older Tucker
Groomer Operators: Various  

Dates ~ Trail work ~ Warnings ~ Other

Or check out calendar for work dates.

Maine to Glen Aubrey Trail

Trail Location:
Maine to Glen Aubrey Trail
C 5 North from corner Rt 26 & East Maine
to BR25 Glen Aubrey Intersection
Trail Captains:  Matt Lane 607 -862-5366 
Glen Aubrey C5 North from Glen Aubrey intersection to George St.

Dates ~ Trail work ~ Warnings ~ Other
None listed at this time

Or check out calendar for work dates.

Whitney Point, Broome Co., to Berkshire, Tioga Co., TG1 (Broome Tioga Motor Cross) towards Greek Peak;
Center Lisle to Killawog; Killawog to Lisle; Lisle to Pendall's Yamaha to Glen Aubrey; 
Approximately 50 plus miles of Trail

C2 Trail location ~ Whitney Point, Broome Co.,  to Berkshire, Tioga Co. (West side of Rt 81)
Official trail starts BR1 (Broome Co. Junction # 1)
Heading west
Cross River Road, go to George St about 75 feet.
Cross Smith Hill
Cross Abbott Road
Cross Smith Hill Road again, go along Perce Road for short distance
Cross Mt Hunger Road
Cross Caldwell Hill
Cross at intersection of Popple Hill Road and Howland Hill Road
Now entering Tioga Co.
Cross Tubbs Hill Road
Follow seasonal state road to Turkey Hill about 100 yards, next Road is Eastman Hill Road, at intersection TG2 (Tioga Co. #2) Trail 5 B goes straight to Newark Valley, and turn right (C2) to Berkshire, Tioga Co.  Ridge Riders Trail ends.  Trail continues into neighboring club.

From TG2 to TG1 head north, C5B and C2 run together at TG1 where they split in a northern direction turns into C5B.
Cross Route 79 by Broome Tioga Motor Cross Track to a intersection BR10 (Broome Co. #10) take left, trail runs on a state road - Cross at
Sears Road, Cross at Rockerfeller Road.
Run up Tennant Road about one mile (seasonal) Greg's Gulf State Road to Route 221 to Greek Peak.

Secondary Trail
S20 ~ Goes from TG1 - TG20
Cross Tubbs Hill and Hubby Road

Top of Broome Tioga Motor Sports Center to Center Lisle to Killawog.  From Killawog back to Lisle, from Lisle to Pendall's Yamaha to toward Glen Aubrey.

Trail Captain: Perry Marsh
Groomer used in this area: New Ford Groomer
Groomer operators - Perry Marsh - Philip Marsh -  Dan Vieley- Roger Pendall
Phone:  Perry ~ 607-657-2678
Dates ~ Trail work ~ Warnings ~ Other
None listed at this time

Or check out calendar for work dates.

Trail Area: Dorchester Park, Upper Lisle, Whitney Point, Marathon, Killawog,  see below
Trail location:
Starting at Henderson Farm BR22 south S-21 to Rt26 to Dorchester Park to Dam gate house bridge to Kieble Road, BR23 left C 2-5 to Rt 11 fairgrounds to Tioghnioga River bridge turnaround t0 BR23 C2 to McClain bridge to BR13 C -5 5A to Merel Creek Rd.  Basit Rd Merel Creek Rd to East Hill Rd.  Under Rt 81 to B5 C5 to Marathon - C5A to Killawog turn around to BR13 C2 to Otselic River Bridge to Rt 26 - Upper Lisle to Hemlock Hill Road to Baxter creek bridge to Rouse creek Bridge to Mc Colough Bridge to BR22 to Leduc Bridge to Page Brook Rd.  to Page Brook creek bridge to Ticknor bridge to Padge Brook Rd. to Hinesdale Rd.  to Rogers Rd. to Ticknor Brook Rd. to Rathburn Hill Rd.  BR 21 C2 to Whitty Hill Rd. to BR2 left C2D to Decker Bridge to Yarnes Rd. to County Line Rd. Willet club turn around to BR2 - C2 to Triangle Creek Bridge to Penelope Rd. to Fuller Rd.  to Beaver Pond Bridge to Robel Creek Bridge to CN8 - C2 to Long Pond Bridge to Rt 41 to Tarbel Flats Bridge to Hemlock Bridge to Red Creek Bridge to Ridge Rd.  to Nelson Rd. to Nelson Creek Bride  to Hollow Rd to steel bridge CN2 - C2D Skillman - Hoffman Rd. to County RT 5 turn around - Willet Club to CN2 - C2 Jones Rd. to Town Line Rd to TR 220 Vestal sportsmans Bridge to Genny Creek Bridge to Stan Roberts By Pass trail to Art Lake Rd.  to CN1 - C7 to Walden Rd turn around Green Club to CN1 - C2 to Harrington Bridge to Stone Quarry Rd. CN7 - S25 - C2 to Collier Rd. C2 to Rt 3 to Robins Rd. to Rt 3A turn around Green Club - to Collier Rd S25 to Rt 41 Genny Creek bridge through village of Smithville to CN8 - C2 to BR22 - Henderson Farm

Trail Captains: Jeff Clark
Groomer used in this area: Various
Groomer operators:
Phone: Not available  (If there is an emergency in this area, please contact one of the officers).

Dates ~ Trail Work ~ Warnings ~ Other
None listed at this time

Please check back for more Trail Captain updates

If there is an emergency and you can not reach the trail captain in that area, please call one of the officers.


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